Who me?

We are Cowboy Flying Saucer our re-entry burns through the atmosphere


Chen Tao (“True Way”; also known as the Soul Light Research Association, God’s Salvation Church, and God Saves the Earth Flying Saucer Foundation) was a Taiwanese millennialist group, formed in 1993 by Hon-Ming ChenThe group was noted for their widely-publicised prophecy that God would possess the body of Chen at Garland, Texas on 31 March 1998, in advance of the final judgement, when members would be taken to Mars aboard flying saucers. The group reportedly moved to Garland because the name sounded like “God Land.” Members purchased more than 20 homes in an upper-middle class south Garland neighborhood. Like their neighbours, these followers were white-collar professionals, some of whom were reportedly wealthy. They dressed in white, wore cowboy hats and drove luxury cars.