Unidentified Flying Omelette

You want some of this???

Recording vocals can be tense


At night just outside Paris, a woman drives along a riverbank and dumps a corpse in the river. After the body is recovered, Dr. Génessier identifies the remains as those of his missing daughter, Christiane Génessier, whose face was horribly disfigured in an automobile accident that occurred before her disappearance, for which her father was…Read more EYES WITH OUTER SPACE

Sick Room

WELCOME TO THE SICKROOM STUDIOS Sickroom Studios are now on Twitter. Follow ushere The studio has been steadily growing since 1996, and is now bigger and better than ever with the recent completion of the live room extension, vocal booth, and new control room. LARGE LIVE ROOM One of the Sickroom Studios many assets is…Read more Sick Room

Man Ant or Ant Man

Ants can get their bearings whatever the orientation of their body, new research shows. Their brains may be smaller than the head of a pin, but ants are excellent navigators that use celestial and terrestrial cues to memorize their paths. To do so, they use several regions of the brain simultaneously, proving once again that…Read more Man Ant or Ant Man

Hats off to that

Out in the west we wear our hats, for a lot of different reasons. Some for work, and some for show, but mostly we follow the seasons. Jaunty and low,  the brim just so means he has some pride. Straw in the summer, felt in the fall, and he’s sure to catch a bride. Those…Read more Hats off to that